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Hi I’m Sarah.

I love anything and everything baking, decorating, and crafting related.  I think I inherited this from my mom, who is the most amazing cook, baker, and hostess all rolled into one.  All of my fondest baking memories go back to being in the kitchen with my mom, rolling out cookie dough, putting together treat plates for our neighbors, trying to perfect pie crust, licking the batter from the beaters, and watching the cake rise through the oven door.

The first cake that I remember was a simple cake decorated with buttercream, but to my little kid self it was the most amazing thing ever, and I knew I wanted to make cakes like that!  To this day, it is still the most delicious cake I have ever eaten, not because of the flavor or ingredients, but because to me it was magical.

That cake ignited the spark, and my love of cake decorating and baking has grown ever since.  To make cakes that captivate people and bring a smile to their face or take them back to an unforgettable moment or place is wonderful, and something that I truly love!  A perfect cake can light up a room, start a conversation, and bring people together.  It can make a special occasion extraordinary.

This blog is a way for me to share my passion, and document my adventures in baking, decorating, and crafting.  I will investigate baking products, share tips tricks and recipes, and just have fun! I hope you join me!

More about me…

I have lived in California all of my life, have a degree in economics, and love the outdoors, i.e. camping, backpacking, water skiing, snow skiing.  I am married to the most charming, handsome, wonderful man ever who helps me out of every cake bind I get into.  Though he doesn’t bake, he is a genius with cake and thinks way outside the box to solve all of my cake emergencies.

I have a perfect little baby boy who loves sweets and is the perfect tester for all of my recipes.  He loves to operate a mixer and already knows his way around the kitchen.


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