Oakland A’s Baseball Cap Cake



Oakland A's Cake

Oakland A’s Cake

So I don’t follow baseball at all, but my brother in law, Peter, is a die-hard Oakland A’s fan.  He the biggest sports fan I know, and he is unwavering in his dedication to the Oakland Athletics.  I wanted to do a special cake for his 35th birthday, and because he is an absolute A’s fanatic, I knew it would have to be an Oakland A’s themed cake.  I needed the cake to be compact so I could easily transport it, and this baseball hat cake was a last minute idea that fit all the criteria.

Back of A's Hat Cake

Back of A’s Hat Cake

I have a hard time thinking of cakes for guys.  Maybe its because guys hobbies and interests usually aren’t easily translated into big swirls of pink frosting, or maybe its just because I have made fewer cakes for men.  This cake is great because you can just change the colors and logo and you have the perfect cake for any baseball fan, guy or girl.

Side View of A's Hat Cake

Side View of A’s Hat Cake

The hat is baked using a sports ball pan (one half) cake stacked on a 6″ round cake carved into a wedge.  I wasn’t sure how I would get just the right shade of green for this cake, and it turned out to be a combination of Americolor forest green and leaf green gel pastes.  The entire cake is covered in green and yellow fondant, and the stitching was done with a Wilton cutter/embosser tool.  Hopefully this season will be a good one for the A’s!


Top of Hat Cake

Top of Hat Cake