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Scraper/ Chopper

Scraper/ Chopper

"This stainless steel scraper/chopper may seem like an unusual cake decorating tool,
but it is one of the best and most versatile."
- Sarah

This scraper can help you create a perfectly smooth frosted cake. First, begin by giving your cake a rough coat of frosting. Put on a generous amount so that you will be able to remove a bit with the scraper and there will still be enough on the cake. Hold this bench scraper with the ruled edge in the vertical position, and make sure that the bottom of the scraper is touching the bottom of your cake board or surface upon which the cake is resting. If using a turntable, simply turn the table and hold the scraper at a 45° angle to the side of your cake. Press the scraper just slightly into the rough coat of frosting you previously applied. Do this so that when turning you will remove a small amount of frosting and will be left with a perfectly smooth surface. If not using a turntable, hold the scraper at a 45° angle to the side of your cake in the same fashion described above, and pull it all the way around the cake, making sure to keep the bottom of the scraper level.

Ruled edge is useful for measuring the height of cake tiers and measuring top diameter of cakes for centering tiers.

Scraper can also be used for chopping or dividing pastry dough and scooping ingredients.

Scraper is 6” wide x 4” long. Made of heavy duty stainless steel.

Price: $6.00


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