Farm Animals Cake

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Farm Animals Cake

Farm Animals Cake

Fondant Animals on Farm Cake

Fondant Animals

I made the Farm Cake for my Sister’s baby shower. She loves cows and the shower was farm themed, so I thought this would be fun.

The animals are made of fondant colored with gel paste colors. Debbie Brown’s 50 Easy Party Cakes helped to inspire me for this cake. Instructions on making the pigs and sheep can be found in this book and the barn is similar to a barn shown in the book. Other items such as the cow, chick, and vegetables are also made of fondant. The sculpting set helps to make these figures and it just takes patience and trial and error to see what works. I recommend making the animals at least 3 days in advance and preferably a week to a month in advance so that they have set up by the time you put them on the cake. I use a small paintbrush and a very, very tiny amount of water to attach fondant to fondant such as when attaching the ears to the pigs and cow. These figures must then be left to set so that the fondant will bond.

Once the fondant figures have dried, they will be easier to move around and attach to the cake.  I attach all of the figures to the cake using a basic royal icing recipe.

For the barn I bake a sheet cake and cut it into rectangles to make four layers. I put 4 lollipop stick supports through the first two layers of this cake, and cut a cake cardboard to fit and place this on top of the second layer. I then place the next two layers of cake on the barn and frost it using an 8″ Angled Spatula. I placed this in the refrigerator to set up. The barn is covered in fondant strips that have been etched with a wood grain using the point on the end of a ruler.

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