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Products Questions


Do you know where to find
Food Safe Dragees?

Why don't you sell Silver Dragee Balls?
Silver Dragees, which have been in use as pastry decorations for hundreds of years, are not currently sold by
Cake & Cupboard because they contain trace amounts of heavy metals and the FDA deems them safe for only
non-edible decoration.
    "I am continually on the search for safe Silver Dragees,
and when I find them you willl be the first to know."
How do you recommend melting candy coating (chocolate) wafers?
We melt them in the microwave by emptying an entire bag of melts into a Pyrex bowl & microwaving it in intervals of 30 secs on defrost. For small detail work a Candy Melter Palette is an invaluable tool for melting small amounts of many different colors.
What is considered a standard size baking cup?
As you may know, there are many different variations on baking cup dimensions. We consider a standard size baking cup to have 1-3/8in walls (sides) and a 2in diameter bottom. These are the most common size that people generally use.
Why don't you sell Sapphire Blue Luster Dust?

Luster Dust
Food Safe Luster Dust

We do not sell Sapphire Blue Luster Dust because the color contains Iron Blue or Chromium Oxide and must be labeled "for decorative use only - not intended for ingestion."

Shipping/ Billing Questions

Can I have my order shipped to a different address other than my billing address?
Yes, when you login or check out you will be prompted for an additional shipping address. Simply check the appropriate box and fill in the shipping address information.
Has my order shipped?
If it has been a full business day since you placed your order and submitted your payment, it probably has. Once your order has shipped you should have received an email confirmation of the shipment. You can also check to see if your order is marked as "shipped" by logging in to your accounts page and selecting "view orders" and then "view invoice."
How long will it take to ship out my order?
All items shown on our website are in stock and ship out within 24 hours.  
I need to cancel my order. What should I do?  
Please click on the Contact Us link and complete our online form or email us at:
and our customer service dept. will be in touch with you. Our goal is to ship orders as soon as possible and so it is not always possible to stop an order once it has entered the shipping process.
How will I know if any of the items are on backorder?  
At this time Cake & Cupboard does not allow back-ordering of products. All products shown in our store are currently available for purchase and are in stock.  
What is your return policy?  
Our return policy can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of this page. If you have questions about our return policy, please contact us.  
Do you ship internationally?  
We appoligize that we are no longer shipping to international addresses. Due to increasing shipping costs and a declining volume in international orders we are unable to accommodate deliveries outside of the United States.  
Do You accept international credit cards?  
Yes, we do accept international credit cards for orders being shipped to US addresses. International credit cards are verifyed using the same standards as domestic cards.  

General Questions

How can I paint Fondant without an expensive airbrush set?  
At Cake & Cupboard we are not a fan of airbrush sets, although they can produce amazing results in the hands of an experienced user. Instead we have found that the best way to paint texture on white fondant is to use gel food coloring and mix it with lemon juice or Vodka with a small paint brush. For Texture and small linework this method is exceptional.  
Do you recommend lining cake pans with anything?  
Lining the bottom of your cake pans with waxed paper will give you the best cake results and it will release evenly.  

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