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At Cake & Cupboard we work hard to bring you the best products from around the world. But without the proper knowledge or inspiration the finest tools & the most unique ingredients will sit idle. It is our mission to educate & inspire fellow Bakers & Decorators, so I am proud to share my favorite tips & tricks with you. Please take some time to visit my creations and be Inspired.
Farm Cake  


  I made the Farm Cake for my Sister's baby shower. She loves cows and the shower was farm themed, so I thought this would be fun. The animals are made of fondant colored with gel paste colors. Debbie Brown's 50 Easy Party Cakes helped to inspire me for this cake. Instructions on making the pigs and sheep can be found in this book and the barn is similar to a barn shown in the book. Other items such as the cow, chick, and vegetables are also made of fondant. The sculpting set helps to make these figures and it just takes patience and trial and error to see what works. I recommend making the animals at least 3 days in advance and preferably a week to a month in advance so that they have set up by the time you put them on the cake. I use a small paintbrush and a very, very tiny amount of water to attach fondant to fondant such as when attaching the ears to the pigs and cow. These figures must then be left to set so that the fondant will bond. Once the fondant figures have dried, they will be easier to move around and attach to the cake. I attach all of the figures to the cake using a basic royal icing recipe.
  For the barn I bake a sheet cake and cut it into rectangles to make four layers. I put 4 lollipop stick supports through the first two layers of this cake, and cut a cake cardboard to fit and place this on top of the second layer. I then place the next two layers of cake on the barn and frost it using an 8" Angled Spatula. I placed this in the refrigerator to set up. The barn is covered in fondant strips that have been etched with a wood grain using the point on the end of a ruler.


This three tiered cake is made using a variety of products. Max and the monsters are all made of rolled fondant that is dried and then etched using an exacto knife. This process involves making a copy of the characters from the book and then laying that copy over the dried fondant. The exacto knife is used to etch the outline and interior lines (as needed) of each character. The paper is then removed and the outline is painted using black gel color and then left to dry for approximately 30 minutes before painting in the other colors. Gel paste colors are diluted with vodka or lemon juice and painted onto the dried fondant characters. This cake is iced in buttercream. The water is made using an 8" Angled Spatula to form waves, and white buttercream is added to the tips of the waves to form the white caps. Gel paste colors are used to tint the buttercream to the desired shades. Lollipop sticks and cardboard cake rounds are used as supports for this cake, and the cake drum is covered in rolled fondant. A 5/8" polka dot ribbon is used (attached with hot glue) to cover the base of the cake drum.

Circus Cake

I made this cake for my nephew's 1st birthday. The birthday party included a trip to the zoo so I wanted to include animals. This cake is fondant and chocolate (candy coating). The peanuts, elephant rocking horse, and animal plaques that surround the cake are all made of candy coating/chocolate melts. I use the candy melter palette to keep many different colors of chocolate warm at once so that I don't have to keep rewarming as it solidifies. Using a small paintbrush I paint the different detail colors into the molds. I let the detail colors set for at least five minutes before using a squeeze bottle to fill the background color of the mold. I attach the chocolates to the cake using a basic royal icing recipe. This cake went for an hour and a half ride in the car and nothing fell off, so the royal icing is pretty reliable. This cake drum is simply a white cake drum. It does not have any thing attached to it. I use fabric glue to attach blue rick rack to a 5/8" yellow grosgrain ribbon and use it (attached with hot glue) to cover the base of the cake drum. This is one of my favorite cakes; I like the simple color scheme, retro feel, and the combination of chocolate and fondant decoration. This is one of my favorite cakes; I like the simple color scheme, retro feel, and the combination of chocolate and fondant decoration. This is one of the few cakes that turned out the way I intended. Also it is one of the easier cakes I have made and this is partially because the chocolates were all made in advance so the final decorating involved getting the fondant on the cake and then just attaching and placing the animals.  
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We made the Barrel cake for a friend of ours' birthday. He loves beer and his dog so we though this would be perfect. The cake is constructed from seven 8" diameter round cakes cut to varying diameters. One layer (the middle layer) is left at its original 8" diameter. 2 Layers are cut to 7 1/4" Diameter, 2 Layers are cut to 6 1/2" Diameter, and 2 Layers are cut to 6" Diameter. The layers are then stacked so that the largest diameter layer is at the center and the cake tapers in at the top and bottom. This cake is then iced with frosting using an 8" Angled Spatula to create a smooth transition between the stacked layers, and then refrigerated to let the icing set up. This cake is quite large and we had some concern that it could topple so we inserted 3 wooden dowels through all of the layers in this cake. Next the cake is covered in strips (approximately 1 1/2" wide) of fondant to create the barrel. The fondant is colored brown with gel paste colors. To get more of a wood grain effect, the fondant is painted with brown gel paste and lemon juice. Fondant is also used for the spout, lettering and barrel ties. My husband, who is a photoshop whiz, whipped up the amazing label. You will see that the cake settled so much that the dowels popped up through the top and caused the some of the top barrel boards to rise up. Normally this would be a problem and means that I should have added a cake cardboard in the center and dowel supports to prevent this from happening, but in this case it worked out for us because it created an interesting effect that makes the boards look like they are warped. Sometimes mistakes end up working to your advantage!
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